Notebook, netbook market expected to grow 10% among home users this year

Friday, April 29, 2011

Argentina's notebook and netbook market for home users is expected to grow 10% in 2011, according to results from international tech consultancy IDC's quarterly PC tracker for 4Q10 in the country.

The 10% growth among home users is expected to be driven by the devices' low prices, while IDC estimates the market will drop 9% in the corporate segment. Meanwhile, desktop computer sales will decrease 13% among home users but see 3% growth in the corporate sector.

Notebooks are expected to remain the segment with the highest growth rate during 2011. However, lower crop harvests due to a drought affecting the country at the end of 2010 have reduced money surpluses in economies outside capital Buenos Aires, which IDC said will hurt IT product consumption in the early months of 2011.

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According to the IDC study, Argentina's PC market grew 33% during 4Q10 in comparison to the year-ago period, driven largely by the purchase of notebooks and netbooks among home users. Desktops represented 33% of the segment's sales.

IDC said the inflationary environment and fierce competition among vendors to win market share caused PC prices to drop, thus stimulating purchases. Another driver was bank promotions offering zero-interest long-term credit.

In the study, IDC highlighted a trend in which international vendors continued to increase their market share over local competitors. According to the consultancy, this trend is due to a change in conditions for importing PC parts and a general decrease in prices, coupled with the public's preference for and more positive image of imported equipment.