Novatech invests US$1.5mn in new facility, wins contract to manufacture laptops

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Argentine memory manufacturer Novatech has invested US$1.5mn to acquire a facility in the Buenos Aires IT hub, the company said in a statement.

The investment - paired with the hiring of 100 new professionals - will enable Novatech to meet increasing production demand due to a recently won contract to manufacture laptops under government connectivity and digital inclusion program Conectar Igualdad.

Novatech will work on the project with Portuguese firms Prológica and JP Sá Couto.

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As of February 1, the Argentine government had distributed 358,227 laptops in public schools across the country under Conectar Igualdad, completing 62% of the first phase of the program, the government said in a statement.

By end-March this year, the initial phase is expected to finish, with the distribution of more than 577,000 laptops.

The government's digital inclusion plan has an end goal of providing 3mn laptops to high school students over three years. About 90% of the program is slated to be completed by year-end.