Oracle courting urban areas with "full stack" smart cities initiative

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) is looking to work with major cities in Latin America with its "full stack" smart cities solution and may have news in Brazil in about a year, Oracle's manufacturing and distribution VP for the region, André Papaleo, told a gathering of journalists at the Oracle Open World conference taking place in San Francisco.

The solution is threefold - service delivery platform, intelligence platform, and IT infrastructure and integration platform - which, according to the executive, covers the full stack of the solution deployment.

"Our systems were engineered to work together," Papaleo said. This feature, according to the executive, gives Oracle the upper hand compared to rival IBM (NYSE: IBM) and its smarter cities solution. "We have the applications, the upper layer, and Oracle software can integrate within that layer."

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The company has deployed a service delivery platform for Mexico's Querétaro, as well as other large cities such as New York - where Oracle implemented the city's 311 single non-emergency number (SNEN) - and Chicago. The platform can also be deployed for mega-events such as the Olympics, as was the case for Greece and Beijing and will be for London.

Other areas where governments are investing include in Mexico, where the federal government is investing heavily in big data to aid in its fight against drug trafficking, Papaleo noted.

Oracle's smart cities initiative looks to help governments to meet changing and increasing needs, considering the 21st century sign of the times that half of the world's population is expected to live in cities. The solution aims to address issues of global warming, urban poverty and crime, helping countries to attract resources - including skilled labor - by offering safety, health, transportation and e-government solutions.