Outsourcing IT practices still incipient in Latin America, says Brasscom exec

Monday, November 21, 2011

Outsourcing practices in Latin America's IT market are still "incipient," with education campaigns still needed to sensitize companies on the benefits, Brazilian ICT association Brasscom market development director Sérgio Pessoa told BNamericas.

Bringing that message to companies will be one of Pessoa's main goals, who has just been appointed as president of the Latin America board in the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).

"We want to encourage companies in the region to outsource, which will lead not only to an increase in productivity but also to the maturity of the segment as a whole," he said.

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According to Pessoa, the low uptake of outsourcing practices has harmed the productivity of IT companies in Latin America, especially when compared with developed countries like the US and even with other emerging markets, such as South Korea.

Brasscom and IAOP have signed a bilateral partnership aiming to better the quality of Brazil's outsourcing procedures, given IAOP provides certification and training to companies in the outsouring process.

"We want to increase the demand for the use of outsourcing practices in Brazil, so that companies can focus on activities that generate greater strategic value to the business while benefiting from productivity increases in the outsourced activities," Pessoa said.

A larger problem in the past, the language barrier is no longer a strong hindrance to the development of outsourcing in the region, in particular in Brazil, according to the Brasscom executive. In his opinion, the Brazilian IT segment is increasingly well served with English-speaking professionals. And Brasscom has consistently worked with the government in aligning the ICT curriculum with market needs.

According to Pessoa, the Brasscom-IAOP agreement will also be vital in promoting Brazil's IT image abroad.

"My strategic position within IAOP will enable the diffusion of the country's IT practices and solutions and the traditional innovation we have in that segment," he said. "IAOP's global reach will also help us to promote excellence in the Brazilian IT market abroad, contributing to our goal of pumping Brazilian IT exports from US$2.4bn up to US$20bn over the next 10 years."