Retail chains aid in increasing consumer device sales

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Growth in product offerings at Peruvian retail chains has helped to drive consumer device sales, IDC Peru consumer and commercial devices analyst Diego Valer said in a press release.

IDC analyzed the Peruvian consumer devices market with respect to PCs, printing equipment and digital cameras, all of which saw positive growth during 2010.

On top of the product offerings in the retail market, additional cash flow available to Peruvians in 2010 due to changes in government legislation also aided the local consumer device market.

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With respect to PCs, the total market grew 15.8% in terms of units sold during 2010, and IDC expects it to grow an additional 12% in 2011. Specifically, desktops saw a 12.8% increase in units sold, which IDC attributed to government projects initiated in the past year.

Notebooks grew 15.8% in 2010, while IDC said netbooks experienced a slowdown, due to increasing competition from low-cost notebooks and new technologies like tablets and smartphones.