Retail, education, channel partners key to Intel's financial results

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brazil's economic growth, Colombia's retail market, Mexico's channel market and Argentina's educational programs are among the key elements to explaining Intel's Q1 results in Latin America, the company's managing director for the region, Steve Long, told BNamericas.

Intel announced a 29% year-on-year increase in Q1 net profits to US$3.2bn. Emerging markets like Latin America contributed to more than 50% of the US chip manufacturer's business.

"Although Brazil is still one of the biggest markets in Latin America, we can't just focus our attention on that country. For example, Colombia's retail consumer market grew 2-3 times more than the region. The same with Mexico's channel market, up 70%, and Argentina, with educational program Conectar Igualdad, with numbers [coming in at] double the original projection," Long said.

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Intel's growth is linked to the increase of consumer demand for PCs - along with the company's second generation Core processor - and also for corporation refresh and upgrade process. "Our clients started updating their inventories, adding our new products to their stock and generating great benefits for us," Long said.


According to Long, as a consequence of increased demand for mobility, lead by increasing sales and laptop use, Intel's technology provider program ensured that all channel partners in Latin America that design, build and sell solutions based on the company's technologies have been modified and restructured to fit into the new trend.

"Intel changed the way it used to deal with channel partners so they can continue growing and adapting. We offer a wide range of benefits for them, from training and workshops to loyalty points, so we can continue working together," Long said.