Right data infra turns social media into powerful communications tool - Avaya

Friday, December 16, 2011

Social media can be a powerful means for companies to communicate with customers, but the right data infrastructure is needed to get the most out of it, enterprise communications, software and services provider Avaya's channels and marketing director for Americas international, Roberto Ricossa, told BNamericas.

"The social media platform is where you start connecting all the dots. In a hypothetical case, you have a customer who is complaining or saying something about your brand. And then in the thousands of tweets, our social manager goes and grabs that customer, passes it on to a call center that's using Avaya technology. Then that individual in the call center that's using Avaya's unified communications will be able to redirect the enquiry to one of the special agents who will be able to handle the enquiry," he said." All that's possible if you have the right data infrastructure."

Social media has become the new method of interaction between customers and providers, Ricossa added. "It's about a new communications vehicle that any company should start looking into if they haven't done so already, because it allows you to really have a two-way dialogue between customers and providers."

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"Twitter is one of the channels, and a study has found that some 70% of issues raised on tweets go unanswered," he noted. "One of our key products in the social media space is the social media manager, a product that monitors the entire social media space."

The social media is an environment where customers are talking about companies and services. "Avaya helps the companies to understand what is being said, and what actions can or should be taken - responding to an enquiry or even being proactive and generating sales," the executive said. "That's the beauty of engaging with social media and taking it out of being a cool trend, transforming it into more of a business vehicle."