Rio court blocks US$545k in Americanas' accounts

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Rio de Janeiro state court has decided to block 860,000 reais (US$544,924) from the banking accounts of Brazilian online retailer B2W Cia Global do Varejo - the holding company of the Americanas website - for failing to bring behind-schedule sales delivery up to date, the court said in a statement.

The court has already increased fivefold to 100,000 reais the initial daily fine imposed on the retailer for violating an injunction that suspended internet sales in the state.

Brazil's federal public ministry presented new documents indicating the company still registers delayed shipments, 43 days after the ruling.

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B2W's portfolio comprises the brands, Submarino, Shoptime, B2W Viagens,, Submarino Finance and Blockbuster Online, offering more than 35 categories of products and services through the internet, telesales, catalogs, TV and kiosks.