Roundup: comScore, RV Tecnologia, NovaRed, SAP

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Consultancy comScore (Nasdaq: SCOR) is introducing its campaign audience validation tool AdEffx Campaign Essentials in Latin America, the company said in a statement.

Campaign Essentials is a solution that allows digital marketers, agencies and publishers to verify the accuracy of audiences targeted in digital campaigns.

The service features an interactive dashboard with several functions for digital media planning and evaluation, including daily reporting of campaign demographics and traditional post-buy metrics.

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Brazilian top-up solutions company RV Tecnologia has entered a partnership with Tutudo, which specializes in micro-payments for virtual goods in Brazil and Latin America, for distributing PIN codes in all regions of the country, the companies said in a statement.

With this agreement, more than 25,000 clients will be able to distribute Tutudo's credits, which can be used for games in social networks and online shopping, among other possibilities.

"With this partnership, we expect to achieve a 20% market share in top-up distribution for online games and virtual goods," said RV Tecnologia CEO Valmor Bosi.


About 80% of people who interview for IT security jobs have begun their careers as hackers, according to Chilean IT solutions company NovaRed.

"To work in IT security in a company you need to know about hacking," according to Andrés Pérez, manager of regional services and IP connectivity at NovaRed. But hackers who have sought to obtain confidential information and sell it for profit are never hired at the company.

"We as NovaRed train our security professionals in ethical hacking; it is part of the job," said Pérez.


SAP (NYSE: SAP) has tapped Nexsys as a value-added wholesaler for Latin America to enforce its distribution strategy in the region, SAP said in a statement.

Nexsys brings its extensive network of partners, including more than 5,000 resellers, and its experience in distributing technology solutions, with presence in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Initially, Nexsys will distribute the SAP Crystal Solutions suite and will later include SAP's BI portfolio SAP BusinesObjects.