Roundup: Red Hat, Orand, Gemalto, PowerData

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

US Linux operating systems provider Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) is renewing and expanding its training offer in Mexico with updated courses and certifications, the company said in a statement.

The offer focuses on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and will be aligned with the various professional profiles for clients and their environments, including Windows and Solaris.

"The increasing growth of open source use is also pushing the need to train IT teams in our offering," said Gerardo Flores, general director of Red Hat Mexico.

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The updated offer also strengthens Red Hat's alliance with CompuEducación, began in 2006 to provide training and certification in the country.


Chilean software engineering company Orand has launched an application for smartphones to secure online transactions, the company said in a statement.

The SafeSigner application allows for observing and confirming online transactions using a second communications channel immune to malware attacks.

The application can be used for banking transactions, e-commerce, stock exchange transactions and internal operations.

SafeSigner is based on a quick response barcode appearing on a bank's website before confirming an operation. The user must scan the code using a mobile phone to verify the information and confirm the transaction, which also eliminates the need to carry an additional OTP device.


Dutch digital security company Gemalto is providing Colombia's social security institution Colsubsidio with EMV cards for multiple applications, the entities said in a statement.

Colsubsidio's EMV cards will offer affiliates security for money transactions. They can also be used as an electronic purse and to provide access to recreational parks, sport and convention centers.

The contactless chip card can also be used to pay for Bogotá's public transport system.

Additionally, Gemalto is providing Colsubsidio a software solution customizing cards, as well as technical support during the launch phase and subsequent stages.


Spanish data management solutions provider PowerData is introducing a new application to manage data from social networks and develop marketing strategies, the company said in a statement.

The company's PowerCenter solution includes an application to search and create databases using the application programming interface (API) of social networks.

"Social networks are an excellent tool to make yourself known, to create dialog with the client and know what the client wants," said PowerData's product manager Allan Acevedo.