São Paulo labor tribunal largely sides with IT union

Thursday, June 2, 2011

São Paulo labor tribunal TRT has ruled that IT firms must provide workers with a 7.5% salary increase, introduce a profit-sharing plan and a food subsidy of 10 reais (US$6.28) a day, the Brazilian state's IT workers union SindPD reported.

All of the newly won benefits, which include double pay for extra hours worked and a 90-day job guarantee, are to be retroactive to January.

The union had declared a strike during March, having failed to reach an agreement with employers union Seprosp. SindPD originally asked for an 11.9% increase in salaries, the implementation of a profit-sharing plan and a food subsidy of 15 reais a day.

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A work stoppage was called off a few days after the movement began, but the "state of striking" was to continue until the TRT made a final decision.

SindPD president Antonio Neto declared the ruling "a great victory for IT workers," bemoaning Seprosp's inflexibility in increasing wages above inflation "at a time when the companies had record profits. Now they'll have to [place higher] value on the workers."

During the time of the strike, large companies such as Indra, ConnectCom, Stefanini, CPM Braxis, Tivit and HP/EDS were reportedly affected.