SAP aims for half of local clients to have high-performance analytic appliance

Friday, October 7, 2011

Processing large volumes of disk-based data can take hours or even days for information analysis, hindering companies' decision-making processes.

SAP (NYSE: SAP) is looking to solve this problem with its new high-performance analytic appliance (HANA), based on in-memory computing that combines hardware and software to process high volumes of data and provide real-time analytics. In Chile, the company says it is aiming for half of its local client base to have deployed HANA by next year.

The solution, launched midyear, has already been adopted by several clients worldwide, including seven Latin American companies - Mexican retail firms Liverpool and Chedraui, Brazilian services company Ativa, Dominican retail firm Centro Cuesta Nacional, and another firm in Brazil and two in Chile whose names cannot be released - SAP's sales manager for Chile and Peru, Gonzalo Murúa, told BNamericas.

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"At a global level there are several experiences, as well as in the region. It brings an enormous benefit to our clients, and it's a tremendous challenge for our competitors," he said.

Additionally, SAP has validated IBM (NYSE: IBM), HP (NYSE: HPQ), Fujitsu, Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) and Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) as hardware partners for the appliance software.

The appliance software will run exclusively on SAP applications during this year and part of 2012, but it is expected to start running on new applications at some point next year, Murúa said. "The focus today is on our customer base."

While SAP's regional partner ecosystem is being trained to implement the solution, the company itself has been in charge of implementing the appliance for its first customers worldwide.

But SAP expects its partners to start implementing the solution in a few months, according to SAP business analytics and technology sales executive, Sven Rusch.

According to Murúa, the solution is applicable to any vertical market that handles large amounts of data, but industries such as utilities, telecommunications, retail and banking are expected to see higher demand.

"Our base in Chile includes close to 800 clients. We believe that about half of them - those that might need a solution like HANA - will have adopted the appliance software by next year," Murúa said.

In Chile, SAP has a strong presence in the mass consumption, mining, retail, utilities, automotive, education and health markets.

"We don't have a strong presence in the high-tech and financial industries, but we've found an interesting niche market with social security institutions [known locally as cajas de compensación], and we have a strong presence there," the executive added.