Security issues still hindering cloud computing adoption, says Deloitte

Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Mexico, 26% of companies have incorporated cloud computing in their corporate strategy to improve information management, consultancy Deloitte said in a statement, citing figures released by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Among these companies, 13% use cloud computing for basic services such as email and storage. But despite increasing adoption, IT security is a major concern for organizations using this model.

The issue is that information assets are in a third party's hands, and access through mobile devices cannot be managed in a completely safe manner.

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In fact, 73% of respondents to ISACA's survey said they were aware that their employees could freely store and distribute company information today, Deloitte said.

According to the study, cloud computing allows companies to save on expenses involved in acquiring and managing infrastructure, and firms can reuse those resources to focus on business growth. Companies are also trying to bring cloud computing solutions to final consumers, offering storage of images, audio files or personal information, such as on Apple's iCloud.

"As with every great technological change, it's much more beneficial to try to understand and adapt to it early than refuse to change," said Juan Pinacho, IT strategy and architecture consulting partner at Deloitte Mexico.