Senate implements Twitcam to stream sessions

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chile's senate has installed Twitcam on the computers at lawmakers' seats in the chamber, to allow its members to broadcast their comments on the internet, the senate announced on its website.

Implementing Twitcam, which lets Twitter users stream live video content, was one of several upgrades to the chamber's computers - all part of a plan to optimize and improve the senate's use of technology, aiming for better interaction with citizens.

Other improvements include increasing broadband capacity and installing WiFi throughout senate premises, as well as some changes to its website, which now allows visitors to view legal documents in PDF format and follow updated versions of bills.

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According to senate president Guido Girardi, Twitcam will give senators a greater presence in social networks. Politicians wanting to use the tool have to ask technicians to adjust their PCs. Twitcam is currently in a trial period.