Siemens to modernize Endesa platform

Monday, August 29, 2011

Siemens will implement a unique and integrated platform, dubbed Spectrum Power, for the six companies of the Endesa energy group in Chile, Brazil and Colombia, the former said in a statement.

Endesa's objectives for the regional project include providing real-time information and a method to obtain a safer and more efficient operation for the electric power grid, improving quality and lowering operational costs, providing a set of network analyses tools that help the operator with operational decision making, providing historical information that allows the analysis of the electric power grid and the production of internal and external reports to corporate and regulating entities.

Spectrum Power is a message-based SCADA platform, with application functionality such as network analysis and historical archiving provided by separate components. This architecture enables a system to be tailored to meet a utility's current needs, and expand as those needs grow.

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