Software firms join forces to increase business opportunities

Monday, November 14, 2011

Companies linked to software production in Argentina's Tucumán province have decided to join together to create Catetic, a technology, information and communications chamber, local paper La Gaceta reported.

A few years ago, local software manufacturers formed an IT cluster to serve the internal market. Now, the idea is to include companies focused on all kinds of IT products.

"We want to represent local companies to promote collaborative work and create joint projects," said Catetic president Omar Rivas.

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Catetic aims to research, study, promote and eventually propose IT standards according to how the industry evolves. In addition, it looks to provide training opportunities for its members through summits, seminars and forums.

The chamber is also pushing the government to implement policies that favor the establishment of large technology companies in Tucumán. "We want the benefits granted to new companies in the province to be extended to already operating there," Catetic treasurer Carlos Gentile was quoted as saying.

Catetic currently comprises 10 companies and 30 professionals with ties to the IT industry.