Solint expects 500 positions by year-end under on-demand contact center service

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chilean IT services provider Solint expects by year-end to manage 500 positions within on-demand contact center services, under which it has an alliance with the local division of US contact center platform provider Aspect Software, Manuel Varela, Solint's tech intermediary manager, told BNamericas.

"We have six customers that are already operating [with on-demand contact center services]... Development has been fairly transverse so far, with a number of industries and where we will continue growing," he said, making specific mention of the financial/insurance sector, as well as education, retail and productive industry. "It's hard to estimate for 2012, but I think we will at least triple that number" of this year's 500 positions.

The agreement with Aspect covers the Southern Cone, and Solint expects to launch similar services in Peru and Argentina by year-end, he added. The on-demand contact center platform includes features such as voice recording, integrated reporting, IP telephony and IVR.

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One client of the on-demand contact center is BCI Seguros, the insurance arm of Chile's fourth largest bank, BCI. Near the end of last year, the insurer decided to implement a project that would cover all of the insurance-related assistance services, involving car and home insurance, credit card-related legal issues and fraud.

"We had to begin in March this year, so we had 3-4 months to get the [project] going," said BCI Seguros' processes manager, Carlos Soublette. "We had to kick off on a certain date, attending the 200,000 clients insured at BCI Seguros. When we decided this, we knew we needed a call center," but call centers can take about six months to get up and running.

BCI turned to Solint/Aspect, and "within a month or a month-and-half of having signed the contract, we were running tests in Solint's offices for our Aspect solution." The idea was to outsource the majority of operations to focus on the core business, he said.

One of the main advantages is that the solution is highly scalable, Soublette added, which does not limit growth: "In the first month, I ended up nearly doubling the number of positions. That's our main advantage with respect to competition; I can grow easier than any other company whose technological platform is in-house."

The project expanded to a point where BCI Seguros decided to spin it off into a completely new company, BCI Asistencias, and during the second half of the year the newly formed company will look to serve other firms, the executive said. Other insurance companies, the retail sector and highway concessionaires have expressed interest.

In the medium term, BCI Asistencias will be looking to use the Solint/Aspect platform to get into more 2.0 services other than voice, such as contact via email or social networks, according to Soublette.