Some 60% of population values protecting intellectual property

Thursday, August 4, 2011

About 60% of Chileans believe that intellectual property should be protected, local online news agency Terra reported, citing a study from social research group Ipsos.

The study, carried out for the Business Software Alliance (BSA), surveyed more than 15,000 enterprises and computer users worldwide to understand their attitudes regarding intellectual property and illegal software use.

The study found that 36% of Chilean users consider it "correct" to download internet programs without having to pay for a license, while 39% think that it is legal to "borrow" them.

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According to the study, the most common form of piracy is buying one original software license and then installing it on many computers.

One of the survey's main conclusions is that many Chileans do not understand how to acquire legal software and are unaware that each license can only be installed in one computer.

"The private sector and authorities must double efforts to raise awareness about the risks of piracy, especially in terms of educating the public about the benefits of acquiring legal software," said Rodrigo Bulnes, BSA representative in Chile.