Stefanini signs partnerships to target insurance niche

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brazilian IT solutions firm Stefanini has turned to partnerships to strengthen its presence in the local insurance market, the company announced.

Stefanini partnered with local consultancy Consis to offer IT solutions to streamline insurance firms' businesses, as well as with US IT firm Pitney Bowes to develop tailored software and applications such as Location Intelligence - a solution that finds clients or references on a map, using demographic characteristics to calculate the impact a branch would have among competitors at a certain location.

Also with Pitney Bowes, Stefanini has developed a communication management solution that brings together different electronic media channels for clients, putting them in direct contact with their customers via different media.

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Other resources that Stefanini will push include the digital signature and digital document transmission, providing insurance companies with a more efficient authorization process.

Stefanini has among its insurance clients some of the country's biggest players, such as Porto Seguro, Mapfre, Bradesco Seguros, Santander Seguros, Allianz, SulAmérica Seguros e Saúde, Caixa Seguros, Liberty, Zurich and Unimed RJ.