Toshiba increases footprint in Latin America, aims to double market share by 2014

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Japanese electronics firm Toshiba has launched local operations in Chile, Colombia and Peru as part of its global strategy to concentrate on economic areas with high growth potential, the company said in a statement.

The company is seeking a better way to reach consumers in Latin America and manufacture products to meet their needs. Establishing local offices will also help Toshiba reduce operating costs.

"We have set an extremely ambitious but doable challenge: reach 20% of the computing market by end-2014 - ie, double our market share. For that, we also must double our efforts," said Edgar González, Toshiba sales VP for South America and Central America.

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The expansion plan also includes enhancing work with the retail segment and channel partners. The company is also planning new offices in other regional markets.

These new offices in Chile, Colombia and Peru will introduce Toshiba's consumer products portfolio, including video cameras, hard drives and TVs.

Up until now, the company has been working mainly through partners in the region, with offices in Mexico and Brazil.