Unisys steering strategy toward device management

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mobile device management has moved up the ranks in terms of Unisys' (NYSE: UIS) Latin American business priorities, the company's regional director for technology, consulting and solution integration, Andre Vilela, told BNamericas.

Unisys will be advancing this year to help regional clients manage a growing network of smartphones, tablets and portable PCs. Vilela said the growing diversity of mobile devices is putting companies on edge.

"It's an area of importance for Unisys because it generates a series of risks," he said. "The devices have to be looked after."

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A focus on application modernization will go hand in hand with Unisys' device management strategy, the executive said.

"A bank that had its communications systems based on terminals has to communicate with its clients today through new devices," he said. "This requires the development of new communication interfaces that have to be integrated into the current systems. You cannot just change millions of lines of code."

Unisys will also focus on technologies that support clients' mission-critical applications, as well as solutions to help drive cloud computing growth and beef up IT security, Vilela said.

"The infrastructure and the technology that support business have to be available and need to have an adequate response time," he said.

The executive was unable to provide further details.

Globally, Unisys saw third-quarter net profits slide 54% year-on-year to US$28.3mn, while revenues declined 13% to US$961mn.