VMware driving 3-pronged strategy for 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

California-based virtualization software company VMware (NYSE: VMW) is employing a three-layer strategy to develop business in Latin America this year, Héctor Luciano, VMware's director of sales for the CALA region, told BNamericas.

"On a product and technology level, there's infrastructure and management - the ESXi hypervisor architecture with platform administration. After that comes the platform as a service layer, which is where our [2009] purchase of SpringSource comes in, for development of cloud-critical applications," he said. "The last layer has to do with devices - energy computing, which is where we talk about connecting to the cloud from any device, from anywhere and on any type of network, to access the applications."

The strategy is expected to double operations this year, Luciano said, but a good part of the success depends on infrastructure and on partners being able to adapt accordingly.

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VMware's approach is not necessarily new, the executive added, but "more of a reorganization to focus a bit more on how companies can get onto the cloud.... The cornerstone will always be virtualization and how to use virtualization to get to cloud computing."

VMware's focus will move from virtualization and private cloud, to the hybrid cloud, providing the bridge between private and public clouds. Whether to virtualize is no longer an issue for companies, he noted, but rather the question is when they will virtualize.

To read the full interview with Luciano, see this week's IT Perspectives, for subscribers only.