VMware sees Latin America as particularly open to cloud computing

Monday, July 18, 2011

California-based virtualization software firm VMware (NYSE: VMW) expects smooth adoption of cloud computing in Latin America since there are similarities with the business style in Japan, VMware's global cloud architect Mike DiPetrillo told BNamericas.

According to DiPetrillo, both regions have been early adopters of technology, making them similar markets for VMware.

"In terms of cloud adoption, Latin America and places like Japan are very similar. Both are technology adopters more than followers," said the expert, who added that Japan and Latin America share similarities in terms of business sizes and technology needs.

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"Customers just want to move their business forward quicker, not having to worry about the technology so much. Latin America is very good at accepting technology; they want to see how technology can impact their business, without having to worry about underlying components. That's the biggest difference with other markets, where it's more difficult for businesses to swallow technology," DiPetrillo said.

In both Japan and Latin America VMware has found that clients are requesting cloud computing migration for several verticals, where the security issue - according to the expert- is more a "perception" than a real risk.

"[Cloud adoption] depends on the needs of the business. There are clouds with built-in security features specifically to address certain markets, like the military sector, healthcare or financial sectors etc. This is also the reality in Latin America, where we are building very specific clouds for more verticals that require security features, so the security subject has not come up too much, people perceived the cloud as insecure, but that's not the case now," DiPetrillo said.