Asocel: 9 million mobile users by year-end

Monday, November 8, 2004

Colombian mobile operators' association Asocel expects the mobile market to reach 9 million users by year-end, local newspaper La República quoted Asocel president José Fernando Bautista as saying.

This figure represents a 50% increase compared to the 6 million users registered by the end of 2003. Asocel expects the total client base to grow at 35% over the next two years, mainly driven by a drop in prices, Bautista said.

The mobile sector grew 46% in the last year, finally overtaking the number of fixed lines in use, according to statistics published by Colombia's communication ministry. While in 2002 only 10 out of 100 Colombians had a mobile phone, this figure has increased to 17 out of 100, meaning 69% growth in two years. Growth in this period is mostly attributed to the entrance of the third mobile operator OLA.

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Operators' commercial strategies will mainly benefit the prepaid segment, which accounts for 70% of Colombia's mobile market. Prepaid users will not only see reductions in handset prices but also in the prices of calls.