Government signs US$35mn WiMax project with Huawei

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guyana's government has signed a US$35mn contract with Chinese firm Huawei to build a WiMax network across the country as part of an e-governance drive, the government said on its website.

"This will allow us to move fully into e-government mode, hooking up our schools, our hospitals and everything else so that we can deploy technology to the service of our people," President Bharrat Jagdeo said.

"ICT would lead the way forward for Guyana. It will be one of the new sectors that will generate greater disposable income. It will create thousands of jobs," Jagdeo added.

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The president said the government's plan to connect to Brazil via a fiber-optic cable would guarantee sufficient bandwidth to power a variety of wireless technologies serving different regions.

The cable to Brazil will link up with a 1,240km submarine cable system (SG-SCS) being built between Suriname and Guyana.