Multifón launches commercial services

Monday, June 28, 2004

Honduran wireless operator Multifón has launched its local telephony service in capital city Tegucigalpa, according to local news El Tiempo.

Multifón is selling its phones for 2,275 lempiras (US$125) with 150 lempiras in calls and other services, such as caller ID, included. The company has promised to install 270,000 phone lines in 2004 and reach 1 million by 2006 or 2007.

The initiative is part of the "telephony for all" franchise program launched by state phone incumbent Hondutel last year, which has 32 companies installing phones in 752 communities across the country.

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The cost for installing and operating a phone line is between US$300 and US$600, according to Hondutel assistant sales manager Miguel Vélez. Operators have promised Hondutel they will invest US$72mn in 2004 and US$197mn over the next three years in telephony projects.

Hondutel itself plans to invest US$50mn over the next three years to install some 120,000 lines. The company currently administers 400,000 lines.