Aguas y Aguas de Pereira to expand operations

- Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aguas y Aguas de Pereira to expand operations

Colombian water utility Aguas y Aguas de Pereira, serving Risaralda department's capital city, plans to expand operations to the rest of Latin America beginning with Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru, according to its director, Maria Irma Noreña Arboleda.

"We've identified a need to develop projects to supply [water] services in these places," Noreña told paper La Republica.

Although the company's 2010-2014 business plan calls for expansion to other Latin American countries, in 2010 it will focus on national projects, the paper reported.

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In Colombia, the firm's immediate plans include participating in a tender to provide potable water to 10 municipalities in Chaco department, requiring an estimated investment of 100bn pesos (US$53mn) in the first three years.

Aguas y Aguas de Pereira will invest some 37bn pesos in 2010 and expects profits of some 8bn pesos, down from 10.8bn pesos in 2009.