ANA proposing US$500mn mitigation plan for glacial melting

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peru's national water authority ANA plans to implement a program to mitigate the effects of glacial melting, which will require an investment of US$500mn, according to its director Carlos Pagador.

The country has seen glaciers in many areas reduced by 35%, with glaciers in some areas shrinking by up to 65%, Pagador told state news agency Andina.

The program provides a strategy for the next 20-30 years to make use of those water resources and mitigate risks caused by the melting. The initiative also plans to improve water infrastructure to protect cities near glacial lagoons.

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After registering the program with national public investment system SNIP, the next step will be to secure financing for the project, which has attracted the interest of multilateral organizations, Pagador said.

To strengthen support and cooperation for its integrated water resource management program, ANA held a meeting with various international and multilateral agencies on Thursday (May 26).

The meeting included representatives from the World Bank, IDB, Latin American development bank CAF and Spain's international development cooperation agency, among others, the authority said in a release.