Chile wants to move forward on Magallanes reservoirs

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The executive secretary of the national irrigation committee (CNR), María Loreto Mery, this week met Jorge Flies, the governor of Magallanes region (XII) in southern Chile to discuss the importance of a cooperation agreement with the regional government to progress on the construction of the Porvenir and Penitente reservoirs.

Development of these two reservoirs would ensure water for irrigation for thousands of farmers in this region of southern Chile, according to a press release from the CNR.

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"We have reviewed the situation in the projects for two reservoirs, Porvenir and Penitente, and we are convinced that these projects should move forward to provide greater irrigation security and also to ensure greater water availability for human consumption," Loreto Mery said.

The Porvenir reservoir has a projected capacity of a little over 1Mm2, providing 85% irrigation security in 93ha, as well as rural potable water coverage in the region.

The Laguna Blanca reservoir (Penitente) in turn, is currently in the prefeasibility phase with a larger capacity of 25Mm2 provides irrigation coverage for 85% of close to 3,000ha.