Conagua carrying out studies for Xico-Tláhuac project

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mexico's national water authority (Conagua) is working with the Mexico valley basin council and Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana on a series of studies and analyses for the Xico-Tláhuac water project.

The authority is looking to define the best approach for the project, which involves using the Xico lagoon, located between Iztapalapa and Mexico state, to collect, treat and reuse rainwater runoff in the area.

The initiative, which also includes treating wastewater from the eastern Mexico valley, aims to reduce the overuse of aquifers in the area, Conagua said in a release.

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The Xico-Tláhuac project is included in Conagua's 2.78bn-peso (US$242mn) program to solve drainage and subsidence problems in the Mexico valley metropolitan area.