Congress to relaunch San Fernando multipurpose dam project

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Honduran congress aims for a tender to be launched during the next month to build the San Fernando multipurpose dam in the south of the country, according to a release.

The dam forms part of a sustainable development program for southern Honduras designed to prevent flooding and increase potable water and irrigation coverage.

Projected works include construction of a 95m dam wall and hydroelectric plant with installed capacity of 12MW, a potable water plant and pumping station to supply the Tegucigalpa metropolitan area, installation of irrigation channels to cover 30,000ha and 210km of drainage channels.

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A first study for the project was carried out in 1968 but the dam has failed to materialize, according to the release.

Congress will appoint a committee that will be responsible for programming the works, said congressional president Juan Orlando Hernández.