DF water modernization to cost US$12bn - Conagua

Monday, August 22, 2011

Modernizing water infrastructure in Mexico's federal district (DF) will cost an estimated 150bn pesos (US$12.3bn), according to national water authority Conagua.

Speaking at a public forum on water, Conagua director José Luis Luege urged the city government to rethink its water policy in an effort to overcome the gap in infrastructure left by past administrations, the water authority said in a release.

The problem is particularly severe in the city's Iztapalapa borough, where some neighborhoods receive no piped water. The borough has more than 250l/d available for every inhabitant; however, a lack of investment in infrastructure means not all can be distributed.

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"The issue of leaks is one of the most serious; there are leaks of around 35-40%, which means that of every 10l of water that is pumped, 4l are lost. This is something that cannot continue," Luege said.

Conagua has invested 54bn pesos in the Mexico valley area over the last four years, with 1.49bn pesos going towards actions benefiting Iztapalapa.

Located in the northeast of Mexico City, Iztapalapa is prone to flooding and is also among the boroughs that have been hardest hit by water shortages in the capital.