Entre Ríos studies US$60mn La Paz-Estacas irrigation project

Monday, February 14, 2011

Argentina's Entre Ríos government, IDB and the provincial agricultural services program (Prosap) are evaluating the feasibility of the La Paz-Estacas irrigation project, budgeted at over US$60mn.

The initiative, backed by IDB, aims to build a water transfer pipeline in the La Paz-Estacas area to irrigate 30,000ha in the province, local news source Infocampo reported.

The plan is part of a broader provincial irrigation program that also includes the Mandisoví Chico project, budgeted at US$80mn, and the Villa del Rosario project.

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A financing program is already in place for the three irrigation initiatives, according to the report.

"With projects like this, small, medium and large-sized farmers will all benefit," said provincial water authority director Sergio Fontana.