Hidalgo launches water, waste management plan

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mexico's Hidalgo state government has published its state development plan for 2011-2016, which includes various water and waste management strategies, according to a state government release.

The waste management policy considers waste management from the point of generation to final disposal. A data bank on the integrated solid waste management will be set up to analyze both regional and municipal waste handling.

Other plans involve a selective waste collection program, with specific waste collected only on certain days, similar to the waste separation program in Mexico City.

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Construction of sanitary landfills is also specified in the plan laid out by the new state government, which took over in March.

Water management plans include the increase in the treatment and reuse of wastewater and the creation of a water investigation center that will be responsible for research and maintaining water data.

The government also plans to promote the creation of water utilities that are independent of the state government, the release said.