Idaan spending US$1mn to reduce water losses

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Panama's state-owned water and sanitation utility Idaan is investing more than US$1mn in repairs to potable water pipelines in Panamá province to reduce water losses.

The funds will be used to repair 2,387 leaks in pipelines up to 30.5cm in diameter in the Panamá and San Miguelito districts, Idaan said in a release. Work also includes replacing faulty valves and hydrants.

The project will be carried out in two phases. The first three-month phase will kick off in San Miguelito and involves repairing visible leaks. In a second phase, Idaan will use ultrasonic equipment to identify some 650 suspected subterranean leaks.

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In Panamá district, the utility has identified leaks in Chilbre, Tocumen and the greater Panama City metropolitan region, numbering 444, 659 and 634 respectively.