Metals recycling business growing due to rising prices - Eriez

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The metals recycling market in Mexico is growing due to rising metals prices and the advanced separation technology available, Rodrigo Carreto, Mexican sales manager for metals recycling company Eriez, told BNamericas.

While there is no metals recycling authority in Mexico and the market is relatively unregulated, there are lots of opportunities for private investment, said Carreto.

The move away from manual separation methods to machine-operated yards is also boosting the industry. "Many companies that previously used manual labor to separate metals are now interested in automizing the process as it is more cost efficient at higher volumes," the sales manager said.

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The Mexican market may still be in "nappies" in comparison to the US or Europe but it is "an emerging market with a lot more room for private companies," he added.

The full interview with Rodrigo Carreto will be published in this week's Water and Waste Perspectives, for subscribers only.