Mexico, Hungary sign co-op agreement on water management

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mexico's water authority Conagua and Hungary's interior ministry have signed a memorandum of understanding in order to promote technical cooperation in water management.

The agreement seeks to develop, promote and strengthen technical cooperation and assistance between the two countries regarding water issues, by sharing information and experiences in this area.

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It involves specialized training for relevant public officials in comprehensive river basin management planning, water replenishment and watershed management, and programs for the study and protection of surface and groundwater resources.

Other topics to be included in the training are climate change, drought monitoring and flood control, wastewater treatment, and others related to education, research and development in water issues.

The memorandum was signed during the Budapest Water Summit 2016, which was organized by the World Water Council and the government of Hungary in order to promote the implementation of the sustainable development water goal, which is included in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Both countries are members of the United Nations high-level panel on water, which Mexico co-chairs. Conagua played an active role during the panel's working sessions to design its action plan. The authority has also collaborated with the World Water Council in the development of research publications on climate change resilience and adaptation.