Mexico upgrades irrigation infra in two central states

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mexican water authority Conagua has implemented a number of initiatives in order to improve irrigation systems in the central Mexican states of Hidalgo and Morelos.

In Hidalgo, the federal water authority signed a cooperation agreement with the state government in order to improve water management and hydro-agricultural development, the authority said in a press release.

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The agreement entails the implementation of federal irrigation programs this year that will provide water to more than 7,000ha of land and will benefit over 5,000 farmers. Signing the agreement, Conagua head Roberto Ramírez de la Parra said that over 20 modules in the state's irrigation districts have already been upgraded, benefitting 5,860ha of agricultural land and over 3,000 farmers, but the aim was to upgrade and improve technology in even more irrigation districts of the state.

Conagua has invested over 1.5bn pesos (US$80.9mn) in supporting the state's hydro-agricultural development since 2013, according to the authority.

At a different event that took place in Morelos state, the head of Conagua announced the completion of works to upgrade infrastructure in two irrigation districts, as well as works to repair the main Cayehuacán canal and water pumping plant. He said that Conagua's goal is to upgrade the irrigation system serving over 2,000ha of the state's agricultural land.

The federal government's efforts to improve irrigation for Mexico's farmland are not only aimed at boosting productivity, but also at reducing water use and protecting aquifers, as well as to improve food security in the country, Conagua said.

Earlier this year, the government announced its intention to modernize the country's irrigation systems in order to reduce consumption of water for farming by 70%.

Due to the actions implemented by the federal water authority and Mexico's agriculture ministry (Sagarpa), the 2015-2016 agricultural cycle saw the highest level of productivity level in the country in the past 20 years, Conagua claimed.