Mexico's Quintana Roo signs water management agreement

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mexico's federal water authority Conagua has signed a collaboration agreement with the government of Quintana Roo state that seeks to improve water management in the state through the implementation of initiatives for water conservation and irrigation infrastructure, according to a Conagua statement.

At the signing event, at which coordinators of local committees of the Quintana Roo division of the Yucatan peninsula basin council were sworn in, Conagua head Roberto Ramírez de la Parra also granted 10 'symbolic' water concession titles to local farmers and announced that the federal authority will undertake further efforts to improve water management in the state's agricultural industry.

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Ramírez de la Parra said that the implementation of innovative actions to improve water management and preserve water resources in Quintana Roo is strengthened by the council committees, given that local participation allows the authority to learn about specific regional water needs and thus design better alternatives to solve water conservation and sanitation problems in the area.

The Yucatan peninsula basin council was created in 1992 as an intermediary body between Conagua, the local governments of the three states that form part of the peninsula, federal authorities, and civil society. Its committees are in charge of designing and implementing programs that help to improve water management and efficiency in the water bodies located on the peninsula.