Ministry, Emaseo to implement new Quito waste collection system

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ecuador's environment ministry (MAE) has signed a cooperation agreement with metropolitan public sanitation firm Emaseo to implement a new urban waste collection system in capital Quito.

The program, to cost US$20.4mn, will be carried out over a five-year period. For the program's first phase, MAE will provide US$1.2mn and Emaseo US$2.65mn, MAE said in a release.

The program will concentrate on two areas in the north and south of the city that are densely populated and have a high accumulation of solid waste. The city will acquire new garbage containers, 18 garbage trucks and seven street cleaners, covering 59 routes.

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The new program will reduce the cost of waste collection to US$10.57/t from US$21/t, according to the release.

Quito currently produces 1,600t/d of waste, of which only 650t, or 40%, is collected each day.