MMAyA calls for dialogue with water defense group over Oruro contamination

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bolivia's environment and water minister (MMAyA) Mabel Monje has called for dialogue with water resource defense group Coridup to resolve the issue of contamination on four sub-basins in Oruro department.

The group is pressuring the government to address severe contamination along the Poopó, Huanuni, Desaguadero and Antequera sub-basins, the ministry said in a release.

Liquid and solid waste from Oruro's mining industry is dumped into the basins, contaminating waters used by fisherman and farmers in the area. The basins also receive untreated wastewater and solid waste from the city of Oruro.

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Coridup suspended a previous meeting scheduled with MMAyA on September 16 and 17 after Monje's arrival was delayed. The group now plans to hold demonstrations in capital La Paz on September 26.