MMAyA commits to improving Copacabana potable water supply, sanitation

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bolivia's environment and water ministry (MMAyA) has committed to drawing up and improving potable water and sanitation projects in Copacabana, La Paz department, state news agency ABI reported.

"The ministry's obligation is to support and finance studies which adequately develop projects' final designs and comply with regulations," said MMAyA minister Mabel Monje.

The plan falls under the government's rural potable water and irrigation initiative, for which it will earmark at least US$300,000 for municipalities to develop water and irrigation projects.

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Local governments will prepare projects for approval and authorities are due to start disbursing funds in April.

Copacabana, located 155km from capital La Paz, currently receives potable water supply for 15 minutes per day, which affects tourism in the area, according to ABI.