Olmos water tunnel ready in November

Monday, May 9, 2011

The water transport tunnel of Peru's Olmos hydro project (PEOT) is due to be completed in November, announced project management.

Only 1.62km of the 19.3km tunnel remain unfinished, said officials, who highlighted the difficult geological conditions inside the Andes mountain range. Medium-intensity rockbursts continue after a mega-burst stopped work for three months last year, according to a statement from PEOT.

The tunnel will move water from the Limón dam, which was completed earlier.

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Last October, the Lambayeque regional government and Sindicato Energético (Sinersa) signed the power component contract, which authorized Sinersa to request the generation concession from the energy and mines ministry.

Sinersa has four years following the start of the water transport phase to begin operations of the 50MW power component, which will cost US$60mn-80mn.

PEOT also boasts an irrigation component or third phase.