Reform to irrigation law advances in Chile's congress

Friday, October 18, 2013

Chile's lower house passed and sent to the senate a reform to the irrigation laws that would increase the financing ceiling for mid-size water projects in an effort to boost investments in a much needed industry.

The reform, passed unanimously in the lower house, raises the financing ceiling almost ten-fold from 693mn pesos (US$1.39mn) to 5.78bn pesos.

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The national irrigation commission said the reform would allow financing distribution, accumulation, control and infiltration projects.

Now, the reform will go to the Senate, where it should follow a smooth process to turn into law.

The extended drought period seen in Chile's northern and central regions in recent years has depleted water resources and left the country in deficit.

Chile has declared several agricultural locations under water emergency to allow for works in order to try to offset the drought's impact.