Roundup: Irrigation deal, legislation

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chile's national irrigation commission and the country's small and medium hydroelectric plants association Apemec signed an agreement to promote and guarantee the signing of contracts between water use organizations and power companies/investors to advance the use of non-conventional renewable energies.

The deal aims to use surplus water from irrigation canal operators to generate power, and take advantage of carbon credits, Apemec said in a statement.


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Legislators from Peru's ruling Gana Perú party submitted bills to declare of interest and public need the construction of dams in various hydrographical basins to guarantee water supply for power generation and other uses.

One initiative aims to build dams nationwide to store hydro surplus that would be financed by the central, regional and local governments with private sector support. The other bill envisions dams in basins Acarí, Yauca, Cháparra and Tolapalca in regions Arequipa, Ayacucho and Moquegua.