Roundup: Unamuno pumping station, Chaco flood control, AAPS director

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The governor of Argentina's Buenos Aires province has opened a pumping station in Lomas de Zamora as part of a 140mn-peso (US$34.2mn) flood control project on the Unamuno stream.

The pumping station will control flooding in the area and improve sanitation on the Matanza-Riachuelo basin, which receives excess water from the Unamuno stream.

The Unamuno flood control project includes building new drainage channels and a pumping station to help manage flood waters. The initiative will benefit the Fiorito, Budge and Laprida neighborhoods.

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Argentina's Chaco province has received interest from 11 groups for a project to control flooding on the Negro and Paraná rivers, requiring a total 12.2mn pesos (US$3mn).

The companies include local firms Novelli; Ingeniero Pedro Martínez; Piedra; Alegre, Osvaldo María; Crenor; Valenttini Obras Viales Civiles; Vidaly Zening; Bylsa; VialAgro; and groups Pasko and Claris Cesar Spacio Construcciones.

Work is slated to start by the end of this year and includes three components. The first is budgeted at 1.5mn pesos and involves improving stretches 1 and 4 of a resistance wall on the Paraná river, located in Barranqueras and Puerto Vilelas respectively.

The second stage, to cost 6.3mn pesos, entails repairing the northern flood wall in Resistencia municipality. The final component is priced at 4.4mn pesos and involves improvement work on a flood wall on the Negro river.


Bolivia's environment and water minister (MMAyA), Mabel Monje, has sworn in Elías Troche as the new executive director of water and sanitation regulator AAPS, replacing James Ávila.

Troche has previously held positions in the local governments of La Paz and El Alto, and as deputy productive development minister, MMAyA said in a release.