Santa Fe receives four bids for pumping station tender

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Argentina's Santa Fe province government has received four bids for a tender to build a pumping station in Santa Fe city, with an official budget of 24.3mn pesos (US$5.8mn).

Ponce Construcciones offered the lowest bid of 30.8mn pesos (US$7.3mn), while a group composed of firms Mundo Construcciones and Coemyc bid 35.6mn pesos, Milicia offered 35.9mn pesos, and a group comprised of Cocyar and Constructora Pilatti bid 37.5mn pesos.

The pumping station will be built in Centenario neighborhood in the south of the local capital city. Work involves building a reservoir system, a pumping station with a conduction line to the Santa Fe stream and repairing the Taca canal.

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The project aims to control rising waters on the Salado river, which floods sectors including Santa Fe districts Centenario, Chalet, San Lorenzo and San Jerónimo, among others.