Sao Paulo governor kicks off US$479mn plan to combat flooding in state capital

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brazil's Sao Paulo state governor Geraldo Alckmin has kicked off an 800mn-real (US$479mn) initiative to combat flooding in state capital Sao Paulo.

The project includes removing 4.18Mm3 of solid waste and sediment that has accumulated in the Tiete river, news service Agencia Estado reported.

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"The dredging is an ongoing task, as every summer 500,000m3 of sediment and waste will need to be removed," the governor said, adding that 150,000m3 should be removed by March.

The program will also include other physical infrastructure projects.

A tender will be launched to purchase three turbines that will increase the pumping capacity from the Pinheiros river to the Billings reservoir by 60%. The turbines should begin operating in three years' time.

The initiative also includes channeling streams and building a canal system between Sao Paulo and Guarulhos, as well as building two new reservoirs, including one located on the border of Sao Paulo and Sao Caetano cities.

Finally, further investments will go towards the state's Varzea do Tiete park and flood management project, which includes relocating 5,000 families living on the banks of the Tiete. The park should be complete within the next four years.