Water authority fines 2 gold miners in Puno

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Two gold mining operations in the Ananea district in Peru's Puno region have been fined by the local water authority (ALA) for illegally using water from the Ramis river, paper La República reported.

The central mining cooperatives of San Antonio de Poto (Ceconsap) was fined 10 UIT tax units (36,000 soles, US$13,338)) while miner Los Andes was ordered to pay 6 UIT, according to the report.

Both companies have been using water from the Ramis river without the required permits from the national water authority (ANA).

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ANA also requires water to be treated before being returned to its source. The miners were returning tailings to the river without treatment. This offense was not included in the fine and is currently under investigation, the report said.

Ceconsap has already paid 80% of its fine. Los Andes has yet to make any payment, added the report.

Mining in the Ananea district is the main cause of pollution in the Ramis river.