Zacatecas state to launch Milpillas dam tender

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Milpillas reservoir project in the Mexican central state of Zacatecas may soon be moving forward, according to local authorities.

Speaking at a press conference, local water and environment minister Víctor Armas and Héctor González, representative of water authority Conagua in the state, said that a tender for the construction of the dam, one of the components of the reservoir project, is expected to be launched in January, local news portal Zacatecas Online reported.

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The officials said that the funds secured to build the first phase of the dam will soon total 407mn pesos (US$21.5mn).

Some 175mn pesos of that amount are federal funds already allocated to the state government, while an additional 75mn will come from a program to improve potable water supply in the state's namesake capital and Guadalupe, both of them municipalities that will benefit from the dam's construction.

Another 116mn pesos will come from the funds earmarked for Conagua's projects in the federal spending budget that was recently approved for 2018. In addition, it is expected that the local congress will approve a similar amount for the project, the officials said.

The initiative's final design has already been submitted to federal authorities.

The state authorities are still in a negotiation process with officials from the national infrastructure fund (Fonadin) to secure the funds necessary to build a pipeline, the reservoir's other component.

Works on both the dam and the pipeline are expected to begin next year.

The reservoir project

The initiative entails the construction of a dam, which is expected to have a storage capacity ranging from 47Mm3-65Mm3.

It also involves the construction of a 167km aqueduct to supply water to the state's capital and the cities of Fresnillo, Calera and Guadalupe. Complementary works, such as two pumping stations and a potable water treatment plant, are also included.

According to recent estimates by the authorities, the cost to complete the dam would be 1.8bn pesos, while the completion of the pipeline, the potable water treatment plant, the two pumping stations, and other complementary works would cost 4.2bn pesos.